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Your definitive guide to Both Teams to Score Betting Type (BTTS)

BTTS and its variations with regards to sports betting

Your definitive guide to Both Teams to Score Betting Type (BTTS)Your definitive guide to Both Teams to Score Betting Type (BTTS)

What Do Both Teams to Score Mean?

BTTS is the abbreviation for Both Teams to Score mean. It is the most popular unique type of bet related to football where you bet on whether both the teams in a particular game will score or not.

Why Place a Both Teams to Score Bet?

The reasons for BTTS (Both Teams to Score) is that you don’t pick one winner about the outcome of the game. Regardless of any side winning the game, your bet will bear fruit if both teams score in the game before the final whistle. The bet is not dead until the match is finished with the case of Both Teams to Score.

For example, a team might concede 6-0 in the second half, but manages to score one as a consolation goal in the extra time which might result in a winning bet for you.

The biggest advantage is that as soon as both teams score in a particular game, you are the winner if you have chosen one particular side.

If you back several teams, you can earn collective earnings. Most online bookies will credit your account when the bet comes in for a particular game.

If you lack clarity in choosing a particular winner, then you can always select “no” in the Both Teams To Score (BTTS) market. This means you can still accumulate money if one or both teams fail to score goals in a particular game.

 How Do I Pick a Good Both Teams to Score Bet?

To attain in Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market, you should analyze and introspect which particular team has a higher winning percentage. Plus, you can also get a goal for and against statistics to ascertain how many goals one specific team scores in a single game. The best option is to go for teams in the BTTS market that score a lot of goals, but also concede goals due to lack of a strong defense.

2016/17 Championship season, Norwich City scored 85 goals and conceded 69 in 46 games played. They have a BTTS percentage of 63%, while Fulham scored the same amount of goals, but conceded 57 goals to end up with a BTTS percentage of 65%.

Variations of a Both Teams to Score Bet

A typical BTTS (Both Teams to Score) bet needs only you to bet either “yes” or “no” if you think both sides might score in a particular game. Several variations exist with regards to BTTS bet which are as follows:

BTTS & Result – In this scenario, you bet in the market and also select the outcome of a particular game. Usually, there are six choices available for an individual in this case. There is Yes and Home Win, Yes and Away Win, No and Home Win, No and Away Win, No and Draw. The above variation has a lot of risks as a better has more chance of losing than a normal BTTS scenario.

BTTS & Over/Under – In this case, it combines BTTS and over/under a particular amount of goals that will be scored in a game. Most bookmakers set the bet around 2.5 for a specific game. Not only you need both sides to score goals, but also need to be either over or under a specified amount of goals.

BTTS in Both Halves – This is the most difficult scenario to pick a particular winner. If you want to back “yes,” in that case, both teams in a specific game score a goal apiece in the first half and then in the second half. The problematic scenario will allow helps to pick a winner; it could lead to greater rewards if you guess the correct scenario for a particular game.

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