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Why in soccer betting are the lines with 1/4 points?

Find out all you need to know about this type of bet here.

Why in soccer betting are the lines with 1/4 points?Why in soccer betting are the lines with 1/4 points?

Soccer betting has a huge amount of bets on offer, so it can be hard to know where to keep up.

Many markets are up for grabs at various online bookmakers, which means it’s tricky to find the right ones to bet on.

Here, we will look at the lines with 1/4 points, which are found in the Asian handicap market of bookmaker sites.


What is the Asian handicap?

Asian handicap betting is a way to get extra value out of placing wagers on sports such as football.

This type of betting is particularly popular in Asia, which explains why it is called the Asian handicap.

A handicap means that one team or player involved in a particular sports event is given a virtual head start.

So backing a team on the handicap market might mean a team gets a goal head-start for the bet.

A standards odds market for a Premier League game, as an example, will mean people can bet on either team to win a match or bet on the game ending in a draw.

But when betting on the handicap market, the draw is taken out of the equation, which in effect increases the potential value where sports betting fans can access.


How the Asian handicap market works in sports betting

Let’s use the example of a Premier League match between London rivals Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal to demonstrate how the Asian handicap markets work in practice.

Arsenal is at home in this example, and they are the favorites to win the game, with Spurs the outsiders.

Betting on Arsenal might not be deemed good value, though, which means the handicap option could be a good way to make more money out of betting on the match.

A wager on Arsenal -1 on the handicap market could be a bet worth considering in this case, but they would have to win the match by at least two clear goals for the bet to be a winner in this scenario.


The lines with 1/4 points on the Asian handicap market

Some handicap wagers do not include whole numbers, which can make them harder to understand at times when they are displayed on bookmaker markets.

For example, values that end with .25 or .75 might be offered and the bets are on offer on bookmaker betting sites can range from +/- 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, 1.75 and so on.

In theory, this is a good thing as the odds should be higher, therefore offering better value and giving people the chance to win more money out of their bets.

Arsenal -0.75 on the Asian handicap market means that the Gunners would have to beat Tottenham for the bet to be a winner. If Tottenham were to win the game, then this bet would lose.

Betting on the Asian handicap can be a good way to both maximize profits and minimize risk, which is why it is increasingly a popular option for sports betting fans looking to have a wager on the big game.

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