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The best and most popular free soccer tipsters

Take advantage of free soccer tips on these three industry-leading platforms

The free best and popular soccer tipsters

Soccer tipsters are playing an increasingly important role in the soccer betting industry as more people turn to experts hoping to take advantage of their knowledge and insight in an attempt to gain an edge on the markets.

Many tipsters charge a great deal of money for their services, but some free tipsters can help get you just as good results as premium tipsters. Here are five of the best and most popular free soccer tipster platforms recommended by Soccer Expert to check out.


ProTipsters is home to numerous tipsters offering their services for free. These tipsters can all be found in the Junior Tipsters section on the ProTipsters website. When you arrive at the Junior Tipsters section, you can view the tipsters in three different leaderboards: Top Junior Tipsters This Week, Top Junior Tipsters This Month, and a complete Junior Tipsters Leaderboard. They can be adjusted from this week to this month, the last three months, the previous six months and all the time.

When you select a Junior Tipster, you will see their full range of stats, including their profile, performance statistics, and service type, which details the markets they focus on. You also have access to their complete tipster history, the number of tips they have provided, and total profits.


One of the most established sports tipster services in the industry, BetFame boasts hundreds of tipsters providing tips for free. Similarly to ProTipsters, BetFame makes it easy to browse all of their Junior Tipsters by placing them in various leaderboards over a range of periods as well as by country.

BetFame also provides a range of other services for free, including a Live Scores section where you will find soccer fixtures and results from around the world. There are also Live Odds, which continually update throughout games, as well as a consistent feed of the latest soccer news and a blog section with posts on betting guides.

You can also get free tips sent directly to your email inbox by signing up for their newsletter on the home page.

SportsPrediction Asia

SportsPrediction Asia has earned a reputation as a leading soccer tipster service in Asia and around the world. While they provide a range of premium tips, they also have a large selection of free tips and tipsters.

Like ProTipsters and BetFame, SportsPrediction Asia ranks their Junior Tipsters in a variety of leaderboards based on their profits over a given period (week, month, three months, six months all time).

They also have a column featuring the latest Junior Tipsters so you can see who has been most recently active.

As well as all the vital stats, SportsPrediction Asia features a range of awards their Junior Tipsters have earned so you can see how well they are all performing.

There are also daily free tips provided by SportsPrediction Asia, so head to the ‘Today Free Tips’ section to take advantage of this service.

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