Sunday, October 24, 2021
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How many people play fantasy soccer internationally?

How many people play fantasy football in the world?

How many people play fantasy soccer internationally?

Soccer is considered as the biggest sports in the world. But it seems as if it has lost its top status and has been replaced by fantasy football.

Fantasy soccer has taken over the world by storm, although the fantasy sports league started way back, in the 1980s. But previous few years have been crucial as we’ve seen a lot of innovation when it comes to gaming and gadgets, so it helped fantasy sports getting a boost.


Another reason why fantasy soccer saw a boost was because of soccer getting bigger and better; its stardom is higher than it has ever been.

Football is like a religion to the young generation, which helped fantasy football getting more viral.

We’ve seen a boom is strategical games as well. The new generation wants to take control of their hands; they are not afraid of making decisions. So, strategical games provide them a platform to be a team captain and a manager to make their predictions and decisions right.

According to a survey, in 2015, 56 million people played fantasy sports in Canada and the U.S alone.

A significant reason for the popularity of fantasy soccer is how interesting fantasy sports has become nowadays. It gives you the liberty to set up your league with your friends. Show them how good you are by selecting your team and choosing the right campaigners on the right places.

You cannot tell how many people play fantasy football, but yes, they are well above 1 billion as it is trendy in Asia where people are mad about European football.

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