Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Can Tottenham win the Champions League?

Can Tottenham win the Champions League?

The Spurs are already living their dream; they made it to the Champions League final. But do they have what it takes to go big next season?

We have four reasons why Tottenham deserve to win the Champions League this time and are sure the people who know soccer will agree.


The Spurs Have the Hurricane Lined Up

There’s no denying, Harry Kane is extraordinary. With him in their lineup, the Hotspurs stand a chance against any opponent. Mauricio Pochettino knows how famous ‘the Hurricane’ is and his plans play to the strengths of Harry Kane.

The 2018 World Cup top scorer was in his prime in the 2019 Champions League. If things go right and the Englishman is in his top form, you could see the Hurricane unleashing his terror on teams (again).


Son Heung-min is set to ‘Scare’ Opponents

Another key player for the club is Son Heung-min. The Korean was admittedly running on fumes with his frequent involvement with the National Team, but the attacker started his goal-streak once he returned from the Asian Cup.

In their match against Borussia Dortmund in the 2019 Champions League, Son scored in the first leg and the winning goal in the second. The Korean’s terror is so much among the German’s that they have a nickname for him: ‘BVB Schreck’ (in German). Which translates to ‘Dortmund’s Bogeyman’ (in English). In his nine appearances against the Bundesliga giants, Dortmund’s Bogeyman has managed to terrify them in eight.


Tottenham Deserves this Win

The Spurs’ in the 2019 Champions League didn’t have the best start; there came the point where the supporters weren’t even sure they’d qualify from Group B. But they did, and after that, the team went on to be eligible at the top of the Group H.

Pochettino’s men proved their worthiness as seven points later, they qualified for the knockout phases and went on to the final.

From a shaky start to making it to the final, the English club showed the European’s that they could get results even under challenging situations. If you follow the League as closely as we do, you know that any team can have their day if they know how to play their cards. And Tottenham, in our opinion, is capable of performing their cards right.


History Predicts a Win

Despite their forbidding journey in Europe, the Hotspurs did manage to appear in four seasons before this year’s Champions League. And Tottenham didn’t just look this season; they conquered the big daddies of soccer with their skills.

Even if they lost in the final stage, they’ve earned a lot of respect this season. And with the past as a sign, Tottenham has won at least one trophy in every single decade since 1950.

So far, this decade has been heart-wrenching, but the team is in great form, and there’s still one year left to lift the silverware for the Spurs.

Tottenham fans, this may finally be the year you’re waiting for. The year Tottenham makes history!

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